Swimming Costumes

Swimming Costumes

Today there are swimsuits for every body type- short, tall, thin, plus size, young and old. Modern suits are very different from those introduced in the mid 1800’s. Although some suits are considered racy, many suits today reflect those of the past, such as skirted one- piece suits popular in the 1950’s.

Women’s swimsuits are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Maternity swimwear is also available for every stage of pregnancy. The skirted swimsuits of the 1950’s are popular again with young and older women alike. Adding class, and hiding the hips, they are considered alluring. It also helps that the skirt covers saddlebags and cellulite.

Aside from the well-known bikini and one piece suits, other swimsuits for women are available. The takini covers the breast and groin area like a bikini with lightweight fabric in between.

One unique women’s swimsuit is a burquini. A burquini covers the face, arms and legs with lightweight swim fabric, and sports a short dress in swimwear fabric. The face is not covered. Certain cultures and religions may require one, but one thing is for sure- the body will not get sunburned.

Men’s swimwear has different styles as well. The well-known and controversial speedo is one only brave men wear. Swim briefs and trunks are the most commonly worn and popular men’s swimsuits. The swim jammer is worn by competitive swimmers, and resembles bicycle shorts. The fabric reduces drag friction in the water.

Plus size swimwear is available in all styles, for both men and women. Being large does not mean giving up style or walking around in a sack. Designed to “accent the positive,” these suits incorporate design, style, color and class into suits that flatter and attract attention.

Children’s swimwear is available in different sizes and styles. Girl’s swimsuits are available in one and two- piece styles. Boy’s are typically shorts. Suits for toddlers and infants may incorporate flotation devices. This not only helps the wearer to learn how to swim, but also prevents drowning.

Seniors can also enjoy stylish swimsuits. A shirtini, consisting of a top resembling a tank top over comfortable swim shorts looks flattering and comfortable. Swim sarongs are also available, and flattering. Senior men usually enjoy loose fitting swim trunks in flattering colors and styles. Of course, one old fashioned standby has never gone out of style- that of cut off jeans and a tee shirt.

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